The “flipped classroom” is an innovative idea taking hold at Bialik. Used primarily in Senior Division, it “flips” traditional ideas about what tasks should be completed in class, and which should be done at home. In the flipped classroom, students watch explanatory lectures online as their homework and use in-class time to focus on exercises and projects.

Watch a sample video lesson that students learn from at home

“The flipped classroom is better for the students who get it on the first try – they don’t have to sit through a lecture they already understand and can quickly move on to additional challenges. It also benefits the ones that need more time to learn – they get to work with me in a smaller group, ask questions about the concepts, and work through the content and problems with more direct support.”

- Blake Enzel, Senior Division math teacher

This teaching model allows students to review instruction as many times as they need instead of hearing it only once in class. Frontal lectures no longer take up time at school; students now get more individualized attention from their teacher.

Institutions of higher education, such as universities and colleges, primarily use the flipped classroom concept. Bialik has adopted this advanced pedagogical method to better prepare students for their next stages of learning.

1-to-1 Laptop Program

Bialik’s 1-to-1 laptop program makes the flipped classroom possible. All students in Senior Division receive their own laptop to use at school and at home. Bialik develops curricula and lesson plans that integrate these personal computers.